There Is No Need To Be Loyal In A Job

Ok, I admit.. maybe your dreams can be filled by staying loyal and working for someone else. However, this probably only applies to less than 1% of the population. For most people, their dreams and goals are much higher and reaching those can not be done by being limited to being loyal to 1 job.

There are too many obstacles to being employed that stunt you from growing, so why be loyal?

Let me list just a few actual scenarios:

  • You’ve been in your position for 3 years. You were told multiple times you would be moving up and advancing into management. One day, your boss leaves the company and a month later so does his boss. The CEO or HR rep hires in outsiders to replace both positions and the new hires who are now your bosses  know nothing of you and the promises made to you and you don’t get your promotion you waited 3 years for.
  • You have been doing your job for 20 years but no one in the company listens to you about mistakes the company is making or your suggestions on how to better the processes and systems within the company. They keep doing what the “new people” they hired suggest and 6 months later those things all fail with no corrections. There you are thinking, “hey.. I told you so for 20 years”.. but you can’t say that or else you will get fired.
  • Whenever the company needs to pivot and change direction and requires you to give your all and be flexible based on its needs, situations, and constantly changing demands.. they expect you to follow suit and help out. How many times is your company willing and able to do the same for you each time you have changing demands day by day and special situations that need flexibility from them on demand? Even if you work for a flexible company, I’d be willing to bet you have to be more flexible for them, then they are to you. If your company does give you flexibility, is it like pulling teeth? What if you acted that way to them?
  • You spearhead new budget allocations within your department for skills training that include attending much-needed conferences, workshops, new tools, webinars, and even reimbursement for college. Most people in your department take advantage of this and/or abuse it. You however finally put in your request and are told that “only 2 members” can participate in an event at any one time and there is no money left for you to attend anything this year.
  • You’re a rockstar and your efforts alone accelerate the companys growth for the year. One day while checking out LinkedIn you see your boss list 90% of the accomplishments that you pulled off by yourself as his own. When you confront them about it, their response is “well I’m your manager.. anything you do great is because I manage you and everything you do”. They never once got their hands dirty in it and they never once helped, but they get to take credit for it.
  • After putting years of sweat and loyalty into a company to help it grow, the owner sells it for a profit and retires. The new owners run it into the ground in 6 months and the company loses a lot of money and has to lay you off. The best you get from all that work and loyalty is a 2 weeks severance pay. You put in your dues, but someone else higher than you or in another department fucked up and now you’re out of a job and not them.
  • You realize in a few months you will need to change your work schedule and ask your boss if you can work from home 3 days a week. He agrees, but only if the numbers you produce stay solid or improve. For 4 months you work your ass off to explode sales or push your numbers over the top. When the day comes you need those remote hours, you bring it up to your boss and he says, “yeah I can give you 1  day from home a week”. That’s not good enough for you as that wasn’t what was verbally agreed and not what you need. When pressed, your boss doesn’t budge. You put in all that work for nothing. Worse yet, all that busting ass and late night work and triple digit sales are now the normal and expected from you daily.
  • You have more experience in your field than anyone else at the job. The boss loves to hire in 18 year olds with the lure of commissions and % of revenue increases for anything they help sell because he knows he can use this to get away with paying them only minimal wage upfront and telling them their income is unlimited as long as they produce numbers.  You find yourself being asked to train these people all day long for months on end only to realize  that once these low-wage workers can do the job 80% as good as you with all your teachings, the boss fires you so he can save money and run the business with kids who know almost everything you know now.
  • You work 40-50 years and retire. You get a small party with cake and a gold watch as parting gifts. Your pension ( if you were lucky enough to have worked at a company that offered this years ago ) pays out well for a few years into retirement until someone at the company embezzles millions of dollars and now your pension plan closes down and you have to live on only social security.
  • You stay at a job for 4 years. You are a star employee and get a 2% raise each year. You started at $25,ooo and now make around $27,000 by being a star employee and giving them 4 years of your life. Did you know your co-worker that does the same job as you but was just newly hired last year got a starting salary of $33,000? Neither of you have a degree or extra skills. You’re equal in everything except pay and you have worked there longer with your “loyalty”.  You might disagree with me, but companies are readily more eager to pay a new hire that they know NOTHING about more money to get them hired in, than to pay you more money to keep you.  If you don’t believe me, then start job jumping every 2 years to a new company and see how long it takes you to double your salary. It only took me 3 years to do it myself. Advancements in pay and benefits come much faster to those that seek them ( the job jumper ) , than those that wait for them ( the loyalist ).
  • You company offers awesome time off benefits, all in the effort to please its employees. They give you almost 5 weeks vacation when you start ( granted this time has sick and personal time bundled into it as vacation, or more commonly know as PTO – paid time off ). You start planning vacations in the summer with your wife and kids only to find out after you put in your request, that going on a 3 week vacation to Maui is not going to happen with your job. Your employer states things like, “Marsha has already planned time off during your request and we can’t have more than 2 people off in the same department.” or, “No one can fill your spot for 3 weeks, we are short on staff.” and even worse, “3 weeks it too long for you not to being working on your accounts, you can leave for 3 weeks if you work daily on the accounts for a few hours”. Work on my vacation? Huh? Why even use up my vacation hours if I am going to work? Why even have them? It’s such a joke to offer your employees vacation hours if they have to jump through hoops or settle for less marginal “staycations” for 4 days instead of doing what they want on the time they earned and was promised.
  • Your boss who is always on you about covering other people’s work while they are on vacation is told by their boss to cover your work while you finally go on a vacation yourself. Halfway through your vacation, you see critical issues with the work they are suppose to be covering, because they are not covering it. If it wasn’t for you working through your vacation, the company would have been over budget on spending in certain areas. Also, you are told to cover other people’s work so they can enjoy their vacation, but every vacation you ever took with the company the last 3 years… you had to work through your own vacations and still chew up your vacation time for it. When do you ever escape “work” if even not during vacations, holidays, and weekends?
  • Speaking about vacations, what good are they if you actually do get to go on one and “unplug” from work and not give 2 shits about work, only to come back and realize that for the 2 weeks you were gone.. no one did anything for you while you were gone. What would normally be a “routine work day” once you finally get back in the office is now “I have to do 2 weeks worth of work over the course of the next 3 days” and dig yourself out of a 100 foot hole. Who wants to deal with that stress once they get back? What good was the vacation if when you immediately return, you are under 100x more stress? Those next 3 days you are digging yourself out of a hole require a vacation of their own.
  • If you get fired or laid off, the company doesn’t care about you and your bills, mortgage, kid’s braces, or future goals. When they feel it’s time to kick you out for whatever reason, they aren’t considering how sad you will feel or that you just made plans to buy a new house in 3 months. Nope, they are not considering you and yours.


I could list a lot more, but I think you can see where I am going.

These examples above are not stories I made up or theories I have. I have actually personally witnessed all of the above!

It just doesn’t make sense in this day and age to give your all to any one single employer or job as the odds are in favor of something like one of the above happening to you than not.

So what’s the solution? Keep jumping from job to job until you find the one that fits just you. For me, I jumped around until I found one that ultimately gave me flexibility to work from home ( and home to me could be a hotel in San Diego for 3 weeks ) and gave me the salary I felt that I commanded from my experience and lifestyle.

Ultimately, even that job didn’t meet my growing needs. However, I was still growing and getting more from each job jump. I wasn’t waiting for something to fall into my lap that was never coming.

In the end, working for myself has proved the best situation.

Hi! I'm Jason Brown and I’m a 36 year old digital marketing intrapreneur living in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky. I've been involved with the Internet since 1996 and have personally made millions online with my creative marketing tactics and persistence. I blog about marketing, money, and motivation. Thanks for stopping by!

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