The Impact Of Your Decisions Are Larger Than You Think

Have you ever thought about the decisions you make in life and what they truly do to you?

I was talking to a friend one day about an employer we both used to be employed at. We talked about the past, what happened after he left, and what was going on currently.

It’s odd to think about the decisions poor managers made as a whole to bring that company to mediocrity. These same decisions could be ones you are making in your life and you just do not know it yet.

Sure we all know about the guy that one day makes a poor decision to hang around the wrong friends, get involved in drugs, find himself broke and homeless, to seeing himself robbing people and banks for drug money, to ultimately landing in jail. While in jail ( or in the ICU ), he finally realizes that the choice to hang around the wrong friends is why he is where he is today.

That’s an easy connection to make based on the above.

What’s sad is most people do not see the more subtle issues that come from poor decision making.

Below are some examples:

  • You run a company and place people whom you trust as managers, directors, and VPs to handle the day to day work. Those people hire and fire people, some of which are true superstars in their field. Since most of the directors and VPs don’t get their hands dirty with the day to day work and feel that everything can be systematized, they don’t understand the rockstar employee and their value to the company. They also tend to not understand what is really going in day to day in the space too. Those superstar employees one day quit over disagreements with their director or VP about how best to serve the company as they have been pushing for XYZ methods and processes while the VP or director pushes for ABC. 2 years later after the rockstar employees quit, it comes out that process ABC was horrible and needs to be ditched in favor of XYZ. No on goes back and says, “the rockstars were right all along and we as a company could be 400% larger than we are today if we listened to them”. They also never go back and fire the original director or VP for making a terrible decision of picking ABC or for letting the superstar go. In the process, your company has been mediocre for 2 years now. Since the process of making bad decisions hasn’t been addressed or fixed, your company will probably always remain this way.
  • Because you let other people influence your life and decisions ( your spouse, kids, co-workers, television ads, etc ), you never have time to be a free thinker and think about who you really are and what you wanna do. You are so busy buying material things that you get caught up in debt that there is no other solution for you but to keep climbing the corporate ladder in the same city you grew up in as your kids are in school there and you don’t wanna pull them out. You live the rest of your life not able to quit your job over debt or move to another city out of guilt for your kids education and “friends” they made. Your life essentially is controlled by other influences and becomes mediocre. You never really relate the decision to be influenced by others ( ads on TV, friends, etc ) to buy that new Honda Accord and mortgaging that 3,300 sq ft house to living a mediocre life, but that’s what it comes down to really. Let’s not get into the whole idea that society pushes our young people into college and get enslaved to $100k worth of debt in a weak job economy and what that does to them…

The above are just 2 examples.

I might go into later in another blog post, but sit back and think about the life you have and what decisions you made that put you where you are today. Can you spot even the subtle day to day decisions you make that dictate where you are in life right now?

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    That 2nd example is brilliant.

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