Setting Goals Aligned With Core Values, Priorities, & Your Mission Statement

Most people set goals haphazardly on Dec 31st for the upcoming year. It’s Jan 5th and I am just now thinking about what goals I want to accomplish.

I purposely waited so I could think about and set my Core Values, Priorities, and Mission Statement so I could better think about what goals I want to work on in 2015. I also wanted to take time and review my Dream Life series to remind myself that anyone can live the life they want ( Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 )


My 2015 Goals

This list IS NOT my entire list of goals, but a basic sample of them. Some things I do not want to share because they are private. Sorry folks…

I largely picked these goals because they aligned with my Priorities which you can find here. I also made sure they aligned with my values.  I try to keep only 3 goals to keep everything simple and easily focused on.



  • To spend 1 full day offline with the entire immediate family. This includes them being offline as well. I will make this day be Sunday.
  • Getting healthy and lose 100lbs. What good am I to my wife or kids if I am constantly sick or in the hospital? I am exercising 20 minutes daily and largely going Paleo/Slow Carb.
  • Each week I want to pick one person and have time with “just them”. Maybe this is for 1 hour, me and them, and we play a game or watch a movie. Just us.



  • To sponsor a child in need overseas. This is rather automatic at $40 a month or so, but I am going to pay for a full year upfront.
  • Learn more about my faith by attending church more. This ties into one of my goals for Family above ( Sunday ).
  • To help a local charitable event/program. So many people help those overseas, but what about those here locally in your community struggling?


Building Net Worth

  • Each month I want to focus on building a new asset for myself. By December, I want 12 new ( and simple ) assets that have positive cash flow.
  • Tight reign on finances on things that DON’T contribute to my goals, priorities, mission statement, or core values. I have wasted a lot of money on products I don’t use, things I don’t need, or things I overspend on. This newly saved money will be put back and saved instead.
  • Start a defined savings plan. This actually means many things besides the obvious ( 401k, pension, etc ). I am actually wanting to find and start alternative methods of saving for retirement/mini-retirements and having my money “work” and make even more money.


So those are my goals for 2015. Very simple and doable and most just take a few hours a week to accomplish. They align perfectly with my priorities this year and almost all hit a core value of mine.



You do not have to have very specific or over-reaching goals in your life. Pick out your priorities and then make goals that you can either:

  • Complete Weekly ( like spending 1 full day offline )
  • Work on daily/weekly to hit your final goal in the future ( building an asset for yourself monthly )

I do have a few other goals I am not going to share on the blog, but trust me they are simple ( a core value of mine ) and based largely on either my mission statement or priorities for the year.

Why not take an hour or 2 to plan out your goals for the year and post them below? I would love to read what some of you are planning.

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