Becoming a Better You With Core Values

I decided to take a stab at coming up with some core values in my life.

Core values help direct and empower your life so much that I am ashamed that I didn’t do this exercise earlier in my life.

Without further wait, here are the main core values I came up that I want to guide me in 2015:


Statement of Core Values

Core values are the essential enduring tenets which guide me and my future. They set forth what I believe and define how I should conduct my affairs.



Individuality led me to an unconventional life. A life of abundant wealth and opportunity. If I would have followed the masses and went to college, took on a mortgage, or did it “their” way, I would just be cattle in the field right now. I will not let anything take away my individuality or the individuality of those I care about. If I can, I will help others find their own individuality.

I want to blaze my own trail and do things “my” way. Not your way and not any other way.



For a long time I wanted to put down independence instead. When I really thought about it though, independence did not give me options and options are worth more than their weight in gold.

As an example, I might be an independent blogger or be independent of the grid and food supply. However, I now have to write daily or weekly and hunt and grow my own food daily too. Those activities now prevent my freedom to do what I want, where I want, at any time. When comparing these things out, I would much rather have total freedom than independence.

Freedom means much more than money or the obvious. As someone that is near diabetic, being tied to an insulin pen didn’t sound much like Freedom to me.

One of the reasons I didn’t buy the newest iPhone 3gs years ago was because it meant stripping away my freedom and having me in a contract for 2 years with AT&T who was the only one carrying the iPhone at that time. Contractually tied to 1 and only 1 carrier for 2 years wasn’t Freedom if I needed to change plans later.

I will not let anything take away my Freedom or the Freedom of those I care about. If I can, I will help others find their own Freedom.



I battled with putting down truth instead. When I thought it over, truth could be cold and callous and I do not want that.

As an example, what if you had an ugly child and they asked you if they were ugly after a bad day of teasing at school? Truth would mean you would say yes, crushing her. I would much rather be trusted to do the right thing than to always coldly tell the truth. I would want someone to treat me the same too.

If I trust you to do what’s right, I don’t always need the truth from you.

I will not let anything compromise people’s Trust in me or the Trust of those I care about. If I do not feel I can Trust you, you’re out.



At almost 37 years old, I have done a lot of stupid shit in my life. A lot of these mistakes were because I over complicated things in my life.

I have a problem with being a perfectionist and perfection is complication. I would much rather get something 80% right and move on ( which is simple ) compared to complicating my life perfecting the last 20% of something.

Not only that, but when I look at the time I wasted in picking stocks and banks for investments, I could have saved a ton of time doing what’s simple… Passive Index Funds.

Simple solutions win over complex ones. Simple projects trump complex ones. Choose Simple.

I will not complicate my life or the life of those I care about. If I can, I will help others simplify their own lives.



This one is a bit mis-leading, but I feel fits what I looking for perfectly.

Sloth is laziness and it can be laziness of all types. Laziness can lead to bad health, poor business, bad decisions ( or the inability to make them ) and much, much more. The opposite of sloth is being active, or more importantly, action-oriented.

Being lazy in your decisions and being undeceive can prevent you from living the life of your dreams. Doing the same in your health can lead to early death.

I want to take action and be active in that process as soon as issues or opportunities arise.

I will not stand for laziness of any kind in myself or those I care about. If possible, I will help others to take action in their lives and become active decision makers.


These core values will help me make better decisions in my life and guide me to happiness and help simplify my life.

When you align all the choices and goals in your life against your core values, you end up always making the right decision. I suggest all of you take the time to really think about 4-6 core values that profoundly move you emotionally and think about what really makes you happy and why those events made you happy.

Those will make up your core values and will help guide you to the right choices in the rest of your life. Below are some links to help you think about what your core values are:


My next post will focus on a personal mission statement.

What I Would Tell My 20 Year Old Self


Imagine yourself 5 or 10 years ago.

What did you enjoy, what did you like to do? What decisions did you make and what lessons did you learn?

If you had something to tell your younger self, what would it be?


My Younger Self

I recently found a picture of myself when I was 20 years old, that was 17 years ago as of this writing.


What’s amazing is, I didn’t even recognize myself when I found the picture. I thought it was a picture of one of my brothers.

While thinking about my life back then, I got to wondering about all the experiences and lessons I have learned since that time. Mistakes I wished I could do over or experiences I could relive.

I got to thinking that if I could sit down with my 20 year old self today, what could I teach him? More importantly, what can I share with younger people to pass on some wisdom?


Mistakes To Avoid

I’m not saying I would change what has happened in my life, but some mistakes are more costly than others. These lessons have shaped me into what I am today.

However, if I would have listened to others I could have avoided a lot of problems. Here are a few below:
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How To Accomplish Your Dream Life, Wrap Up


It’s mid-April as I write this and I am thinking over what I have done this year, where I am with my life, and how much further I need to go this year.

Have you done the same yet?

The Dream Life series was meant to be a framework for getting things done in your life, as it is only through action that we get what we desire.

I took the best lessons from:
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Uncommon Financial Advice For The Digital Marketer


A topic not covered much in digital marketing for freelancers, affiliates, consultants, contractors and first time business owners is money.

This post is mainly for digital marketers that are making the leap into their own business for the first time, or those that are beginning affiliates.

I know many will read this and disagree with my advice, but I feel that the lessons I learned from running my own business has taught me some very valuable financial advice that only comes from first-hand experience.
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How To Get More Followers On Twitter In 6 Hands-Off Ways ( Most Are Free Too )


When researching how to get more Twitter followers, how many times have you read the same old “create better content”, “be entertaining”, and “follow celebrities” tricks?

When I first launched, I created a Twitter account at @Leanvertising and tried a lot of different methods that I found online from so called “social media gurus” that either:

  • Took way too much work
  • Didn’t work at all
  • Produced irrelevant followers

After months of testing, I discovered some simple methods to help you gain not only followers for your Twitter account, but targeted followers via methods not talked about anywhere on the front page of Google.

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How To Accomplish Your Dream Life, Part 5


For our last chapter, its time we look at what we have accomplished and what we have failed at.

In order to stay on top of your goals and all the steps involved, you need to setup a system of evaluating what you have done and if you are still heading in the right direction.

Where Can You Improve?

During the week, you need to take a hard look at what you have done and ask yourself, “Where do I need improvement? What could I have done better?”.
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How To Accomplish Your Dream Life, Part 3


In part 1 of this series, we learned how to map out our Dream Life with lists and how to develop habits.

In part 2 of this series, we learned how to create a “Do Not Do List” and also how to focus our day on 3 actionable goals per day, week, month, and year.

You should have a good road map of what it takes to Accomplish Your Dream Life. However, many of you might be confused with how to actually accomplish the tasks on your road map.

Many things during your day and life will make it hard to stick to your goals.

Ask anyone who has ever been on a diet or tried to stick to a budget how hard the 2nd or 3rd month is while trying to accomplish their goal.

The Start Of My Work Day

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8 Reasons Why You Need A Revenue Stream Today


In the past 60 days, I have been out of almost $10,000 of income. As someone that is self employed, that amount of money can sting a little.

Knowing that 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, would you be willing to lose $10k and survive until next payday?

Guess what, it could happen to you tomorrow.

I will show you why having paid employment, or being a contractor, as your only revenue source could be hurting you. Below is what happened to me in the last 10 years.

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How To Accomplish Your Dream Life, Part 2


In my last post, you learned that it took planning and focus as the first step in How To Accomplishing Your Dream Life.

It’s great to now know what your next steps are and what you should be doing every day, but what about prioritization? What tasks are more important than others? Should I multi-task?

I have too much to do today!

First, Create Another List

Sound familiar?

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