My Morning Routine For 2015

I’ve settled into a morning routine for 2015.

Although I know I need to do better and that there are things I should change ( like what activities I am doing myself ), here is what I have came up for my morning routine:

  • Wake up before 7am
  • Work on and try to finish MIT ( most important task ) before 9am
  • Organize all my small tasks ( should be stuff I outsource though ) on my Todoist app
  • Start working on all the Todoist task stuff ( I have recurring tasks, 1 off’s, etc )
  • Drink water and/or coffee


I really need to start outsourcing some of the stuff on my task list.

Also, I need to come up with a better evening routine. Possible tasks for it are:

  • Read 60 minutes a day
  • Plan out the next day or 2
  • Be in sleeping by 11pm
  • Review my current day


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