Let “Yourself” Lead You In All Things

Note: This post is outside the talk of religion. Other than your religious views, you should let your “self” lead you.

I am not sure what they call the feeling of knowing something before you validate it, but that has happened to me all my life.

  • I was always against college and school in general.
  • I was always against common financial advice.
  • I was always against being employed.
  • I was always against multi-tasking.
  • I was always against most organized religion.
  • Just about anything that was widely accepted or thought of, I questioned until I found a better alternative.

It wasn’t until years later ( sometimes decades ) that I would find someone else that validated my ideas. Either through a book, documentary, news ( TV or paper ) or some other outlet.

During the time I had the idea and it got validated, I struggled with the thought of “maybe I have this all wrong” and “maybe everyone else is right”. It was horrible, I doubted myself constantly and questioned everything. Sure those things worked for me, but other people would say I was stupid or doing things backwards.. all because they didn’t understand it like I did. I did have times where my way of doing things didn’t work 100% and I would be left thinking in the middle of my failure that if I had done things the “normal” way, that I wouldn’t have failure.

That’s the crazy thing though. When I decided to abandon myself and live like a sheep and follow the herd, I saw that their way of doing things also had hiccups, gotchas, and failed a lot too.

Failure comes no matter what/how/where/when/who.

The worst thing that came from all of this was a looming and hard-to-break doubt in all things I do. During that time I gave up on my views and caved in to live like others, I basically told myself I was a failure and stupid for doing things outside the box. The things I did failed and I was dumb for it. These are things I told myself and lived with for years. It wasn’t until I saw that my “new life” also failed that I regretted ever abandoning my ways, my views, and myself.

So I started doing things my way again. I figured that no matter what life I lived, I was going to experience failure so I might as well do things my way anyways.

Life was much easier for me making things fit around me, instead of me fitting around it.

As the years passed on, I found instances where people validated what I had been thinking all along about many different ideas and topics I had that I thought were original to me and me only. What a relief that was.

While I hate the fact I doubted myself and I struggle with overcoming the fact I told myself for years I was a failure, I am glad I went through it so I can talk to others that might be going down the same path.

Trust me, it is always better to be a free-thinker and be wrong, than to be a sheep who blindly doesn’t even know they are wrong.

Hi! I'm Jason Brown and I’m a 36 year old digital marketing intrapreneur living in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky. I've been involved with the Internet since 1996 and have personally made millions online with my creative marketing tactics and persistence. I blog about marketing, money, and motivation. Thanks for stopping by!

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