How To Get More Followers On Twitter In 6 Hands-Off Ways ( Most Are Free Too )


When researching how to get more Twitter followers, how many times have you read the same old “create better content”, “be entertaining”, and “follow celebrities” tricks?

When I first launched, I created a Twitter account at @Leanvertising and tried a lot of different methods that I found online from so called “social media gurus” that either:

  • Took way too much work
  • Didn’t work at all
  • Produced irrelevant followers

After months of testing, I discovered some simple methods to help you gain not only followers for your Twitter account, but targeted followers via methods not talked about anywhere on the front page of Google.

The best thing is, most of these are hands-off once you set them up ( and several are free ).

Method 1:  Favorite Tweets

When you favorite a tweet, many times the author will check out your profile and follow you back.

The best way to perform this method is to find relevant tweets by hashtag for your industry and giving a favorite to those tweets.

If you’re targeting the digital marketing industry, target tweets with the #SEO or #Adwords hashtag and favorite those.

This method alone added 85 followers to my account.

*** Recommended: Slingbot ( Free )

Method 2:  Build Lists

When you create a public list on Twitter, everyone on the list gets a notification that you have added them. Many times those users will see who added them to the list and follow you back.

A Twitter list can only have 5,000 members, but you can create tons of these lists. Even better, you can delete the lists after a few days and rinse and repeat with this method in bulk.

As above, I targeted users by relevant industry hashtags such as #SEO.

I gained over 70 targeted followers in less then 24 hours using this method, proof pics below.



And less then 24 hours later…


*** Recommended: If you would like to know what FREE service can automate this method, give me a follow or a tweet below.

Method 3:  Retweet Your Content

Not everyone is going to see your tweets. Many people are following hundreds and thousands of  people and can easily miss your message.

I will rewrite my tweet 7-10 times and use Buffer to schedule it out for different times over the course of a week. This ensures multiple opportunities for someone to see my tweet and connect with it so they can follow me.

Other articles tell you to time your tweets to when your followers are online and engaging with you, but that is bullshit. Right now you most likely don’t have very many followers and it takes several more steps such as signing up to 3rd party sites to find out this information.

80/20 the work and just schedule it out every 6-8 hours so that you can reach people in other time zones for now.

*** Recommended: Buffer ( Free )

*** Recommended For WP Posts: Evergreen Post Tweeter ( Free )

Method 4: Repurpose Other Peoples Content

This is very similar to Method 3, but a bit different and accounts for over 1/3rd of all my followers.

Because I am busy and forget to keep up with my Twitter stream, I bought an automation program that will post tweets for me on a schedule. My plan was that if I forget to tweet for a few days, this program could do some light “filler” tweets for me.

I rounded up some tips on other industry blogs and converted them into 90-100 character tweets and then added in multiple hashtags to each of them. I loaded these tweets up and scripted the program to tweet 1 of these randomly every 6 hours.

The amazing thing is, not only did it feel like I was providing useful content while I was away, but I gain several followers a day from it.

*** Recommended: Tweet Adder 4 ( $55 ).

Method 5: Give Them A Bonus

I practice what I preach on this blog.

As you can see, I have a social locker on this post for those of you that want a bit more specific information within this post.

Offer up a bonus and ask your users to follow you or tweet in order to obtain the bonus.

*** Recommended:  Social Locker For WordPress ( $23 ), several free alternatives as well on the market.

Method 6: Pay For Them

Surprisingly, no one really talks about Twitters ad program at even though lots of larger Twitter profiles actively purchase sponsored posts and promotions.


Targeting can be set up based on location, interest, and similar audiences that follow specific @handles ( like your competitors ).

You can set up the campaign to run with a total and daily budget, all while paying as low as .01 per follow.

I suggest that you start at a low bid and move it up .05 every few days to find your sweet spot.

In Conclusion

You don’t always have to break your back writing better content and being an industry trend setter to gain a targeted base of Twitter followers.

List below any other methods you might be using to grow your follower base.

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  1. kernel konductor   •  

    Support has been discontinued for Evergreen Post Tweeter but I found another good one that seems to be working well so far:

    Really good stuff here. Unfortunately, my account isn’t eligible for Twitter Ads. Would be nice to pick up real followers for .01.

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