How To Accomplish Your Dream Life, Part 3


In part 1 of this series, we learned how to map out our Dream Life with lists and how to develop habits.

In part 2 of this series, we learned how to create a “Do Not Do List” and also how to focus our day on 3 actionable goals per day, week, month, and year.

You should have a good road map of what it takes to Accomplish Your Dream Life. However, many of you might be confused with how to actually accomplish the tasks on your road map.

Many things during your day and life will make it hard to stick to your goals.

Ask anyone who has ever been on a diet or tried to stick to a budget how hard the 2nd or 3rd month is while trying to accomplish their goal.

The Start Of My Work Day

  • Wake up at 6 am
  • Morning routine of shower, brush teeth, dress, etc
  • Start laundry, drink coffee, load dishwasher
  • By 7 am I am starting one of my 3 biggest tasks for the day
  • 50 minute time box for 1st task, 10 min of rest
  • 8 am – I am working on my 2nd biggest task for the day
  • 50 minute time box for 2nd task, 10 min of rest
  • 9 am – I am working on my 3rd and last MIT for the day
  • 50 minute time box for 3rd task, 10 min of rest

By 10 am I have accomplished most ( if not all ) of my big goals for the day. The rest of my day can be filled up with other less important tasks or relaxing.

I am very flexible with my goals. I may have 4 or 5 goals in a day depending on the week, but I always have at least 3.

Since 1 of my daily goals is always tied to one of my weekly goals, I am always moving ahead in my goals for my life and work.. not just “looking busy” in today’s work.

Why Time Boxing?

Because you need to focus on this 1 and only task while you are doing it. Nothing else should get in the way.

If you do not plan out your day by the hour and work on tasks as you see fit, it may take you ALL DAY just to run 1 errand because of distractions. By forcing yourself to work on 1 task within an allotted amount of time and giving it your only focus, you ensure that it gets done quickly and efficiently.

Let nothing distract you. No other tasks like picking up the phone or checking your email should get in the way while you time box your way through tasks.

50 Minutes Of Work

Because Parkinson’s Law dictates that ”work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”. If you didn’t give yourself a time limit on your tasks, you could work on 1 mundane task all day ( or all week ).

The original Pomodoro Technique calls for 25 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest, but I have found that a lot of my tasks require a bit more energy and time. I have adjusted my Pomodoro’s to 50 minutes  for MITs with a 10 minute break.

For my less important tasks, I try to do 25 minutes Pomodoros. These all happen after 10 am and after my big goals are done for the day.

Remember that your breaks are very important. You need to rest your brain and get up for the 10 minutes.

After 50 minutes of work, I change to my next task because done is better then perfect.

The Rest Of My Day

I work on other tasks after 10 am. These tasks are important, but not as important as my top 3 for the day.

  • At 10 am I read for 50 minutes ( depending on day )
  • At 11 am I work emails ( 25 min  ) and read industry blogs ( 25 min )
  • Noon – Eat my first meal of the day for “IF” ( 25 min ) and stretch/walk ( 25 min )
  • 1 pm – Clean up loose ends from my prior goals earlier in the day
  • 2 pm - Nap for 25 minutes, Misc. tasks for 25 minutes
  • 3 pm - Misc. tasks grouped into a 50 min Pomodoro + small meal
  • 4 pm - Misc. tasks grouped into a 50 min Pomodoro

After I read for the day, much of my tasks switch to 25 minute windows with a 5 minute break. Even my 50 minute Pomodoros later in the day are actually several tasks done at once within that time frame.

Ending My Day

Just like a morning routine where you always get up and start your day, you need to have an evening routine.

  • 5 pm – Personal decompress time
  • 6 pm – Dinner meal
  • 7 pm – Family time
  • 8 pm – Family time
  • 9 pm - Plan tomorrow’s work / review current day’s work
  • 10 pm – Last chance to finish up any work after reviewing the day
  • 11 pm – I have to be sleeping by now

Having an evening routine will help you close the day and plan for tomorrow. This will give you a chance to review what you have done and what you still need to do today while planning tomorrow.

This Sounds Like Bull Shit

I’t not perfect. Some days I just can not stick to this schedule. Kids get sick, birthdays pop up, and life can just get in the way.

The first and most important takeaway is, focus on 1 and only 1 task for a predetermined amount of time.

Limiting your time makes sure it gets completed and not “perfected” or dragged out, preventing other tasks to be completed in your day.

The second takeaway is, work on the most important tasks first. Do not let your important tasks come last or be pushed around in your day.

In Closing

Structuring your day so that your most important tasks have your sole focus and dedication is crucial.

Equally important is making sure you have a time limit for those tasks so you can actually get them done.

When you complete your biggest tasks upfront before anything else ( this is called “frog eating” ), you ensure that your tasks and goals are actually getting accomplished. This will make the rest of your day easier to manage and generally less stressful.

Are you willing to try this method for 1 week? How about just 1 day?

Once you practice this method, please let me know in the comments how different your day was compared to the past.

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  1. Mitko   •  

    Epic! I know how it feels to turn somthing into habit. This is the road to follow!

    I remember a Sunday last month, I got to bed at 8.30 p.m. and woke up 5.30 a.m. Finished a huge task for 4h and enjoyed rest of the day emailing and reading for my niche.

    So, why not try it again? After reading part 1 & 2, I already refreshed the way I perceive time and tasks approach. Will give you a single report, exactly 10.45 p.m. Monday, 3 March 2014.

    Jason, thank you for sharing and keep rocking! Have a great weekend!

    • Jason Brown   •     Author

      Awesome to hear Mitko. Cant wait to see the report

  2. Mitko   •  

    It’s 10.45 p.m. and I put some efforts to reach this point.
    Woke up 6.50 a.m., without getting in much details I spent the day executing a main task and now I’m heading to go to bed around midnight.

    Would be nice to keep with that schedule for my daily tasks next four days.
    I could, share what’s happening Friday night, just before going to bed.

    So, I ask myself why not do it? :)

    Best regards,

  3. Jason Brown   •     Author

    Did you take breaks? Did you work in Pomodoros?

    Why was it 1 task and not 3?

    Congrats anyways, but let me know how your going.

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