How To Accomplish Your Dream Life, Part 2


In my last post, you learned that it took planning and focus as the first step in How To Accomplishing Your Dream Life.

It’s great to now know what your next steps are and what you should be doing every day, but what about prioritization? What tasks are more important than others? Should I multi-task?

I have too much to do today!

First, Create Another List

Sound familiar?

We created 2 lists in part 1 of this series, but we need to create a 3rd.

This list will be a “Not To-Do List“. You are going to list everything you are not going to do.

My list looked something like this:

  • Browse social media and forums BEFORE I complete my tasks
  • Stay up past midnight
  • Accept more work when my plate is already full
  • Under price my services below $XXXX a month

This list is important because it will be your guideline on what not to do in the coming weeks/months.

These are things you know are hurting you or causing you frustration. They are the root of other issues you may already have.

You know what your Dream Life should be and what your slacking on. Now you know what you’re not going to do anymore.

Make sure you hang the list somewhere that you have to look at them for more than an hour each day. I hang mine above my desk.

Your days will get busy and you will get opportunities in your life that will distract you. If you are anything like me, you will think of 1001 new ways to make money or projects you could be working on that don’t fit into your Dream Life.

This list will help guide you and remind you of what you SHOULD NOT be doing. Be honest with yourself and add to the list as you discover more time sinks and waste. 


The Power Of 3

Every day, you are going to be working on the 3 most important tasks for that day. You will have other tasks in your day, but you need to identify the top 3 first.

Systems such as Zen To Done refer to these as MITs ( Most Important Tasks ). Agile Results refers to this as Daily Outcomes. Having 3 means you’re not overwhelmed while still being able to focus on other things in life.

You should also have 3 important tasks for the week, month, and year.

A Quick Example

Daily – Feb 10th, 2014 MITs ( notice I listed my most important at the top, in a number format )

  1. Research new blog post
  2. Test 10 new affiliate campaigns on TrafficVance
  3. Renew my passport
  • Call client B about billing
  • Car washed
  • Get groceries
  • Read 1 chapter of book X

Week Ending Feb 15th, 2014 MITs

  1. Pump out 1 blog post on the blog
  2. Grow affiliate revenue 15%
  3. Reserve hotel and flight to Cancun for March
  • Pay electric bill

Month of Feb MITs

  • Grow blog readership by 25%
  • Have 5 new profitable affiliate campaigns running on autopilot
  • Have Cancun trip wrapped up before March deadline

You should also notice a pattern with my lists as well. If you look at my monthly goal for February, you will see I wanted to “Grow blog readership by 25%”.

My weekly goal supported my monthly goal as there is no better way to grow a readership to my blog than to “Pump out 1 quality blog post on the blog”.

Also, my daily goals support my weekly and monthly goals. I have to “Research new blog post” before I can write one for the week.

If I write a great blog post each week, my larger goal of growing my blog readership will get completed. The same is true for my vacation goals and affiliate campaign goals.

Some days and weeks are missing in this example. The main point is that you should see that my daily goals support my weekly goals and that my weekly goal support my monthly goals.

One of my quarterly goals is to travel to 3 new countries ( 1 per month ), and that  my yearly goal is to travel more. Knowing that, you can see how my monthly, weekly, and daily goals tie into that one larger yearly goal now.

Working Backwards

In part 1 of this series, I asked you to write down what your Dream Life was. This should become your yearly goal.

Working backwards, what can you do each month to move you towards that goal?

Can you map out 12 things you can do that will get you to that goal? What 12 steps can you do, in order, that will get you to your yearly goal?

Go ahead and write down 12 actionable steps to get you to this goal right now, I’ll wait. These 12 steps will be your monthly goals, 1 step for each month in the year.

Now that you have monthly goals, we need a way to plan on completing those monthly goals.

For each month, write down 4 action steps that you will need to do so you can complete your monthly goal. These 4 steps will be your weekly goals, 1 goal per week.

As you make daily goals for yourself each day, 1 of your 3 goals should be an action that gets you closer to finishing your weekly goal.

You have 7 days to complete your weekly goal, so always be working on it.

You have 365 days to reach your Dream Life, and you will be doing 1 action daily ( of your daily top 3 ) to reach that goal. Every 7 days, you will know if you hit your desired goal since you have every week mapped out.

Every 30 days you will know if you are on course since you have every month mapped out. You can extend this further by also mapping out your goal per quarter if you wish.

What About The Other 2 Goals?

Your life is going to get busy.

Things are going to change every month, if not every day. You might remember your anniversary is next month, or you might get a promotion at work next week that causes you to change plans.


This is why we only focus and plan on 3 things at a time, to allow flexibility and change.

When things change, ask yourself what’s most important today and what’s most important this week.

Fill your other 2 goals up with those new tasks while keeping your Dream Life goal #1, always.

Let life’s other surprises fill up the rest of your daily/weekly/monthly MITs. You could also plan 2 other big yearly goals and fill up the top 3 with steps to those as well.

Just stay flexible enough to pivot and change if needed when unexpected changes happen along your journey.

I tend to keep my other 2 goals centered around family and health as much as possible. Any surprises in my day that deal with family or my health becomes one of my other 2 goals and everything else gets pushed down.

This way I know I am always working on my Dream Life ( #1 ) and working on any family and health issues next. These topics are always most important to me.

As an example, I always forget my wife’s birthday. The week before her birthday when I get reminded by her, I change up my #2 or #3 goal for the day/week to complete that goal and push the others down.

In Closing

That’s enough information for part 2. The 1st big takeaway is you need to create a “Not To Do List” so that you can cut out things in your life that are issues and problems.

By saying “no” to clients when I am full of current work and by not taking on projects below my minimum pay range, I ensure that I create focus and time for my own Dream Life goals.

The 2nd takeaway is that you are now mapping out what steps it will take each day/week/month/quarter/year to complete your goals and live out your Dream Life.

Your assignment right now is to go ahead and create your “Not To Do List” and to also also map out your monthly and weekly goals so that you can flesh out what is needed to reach your yearly goal.

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  1. Mitko   •  

    Thank you for the good content!
    Feel free to answer me if you have time. I wonder should I become better at work, help my boss build his business and achieve his yearly goals, or set aside 2h per day to work on building my personal business. I like the job, but how focusing on building other people’s businesses could help us reach our goals.


    • Jason Brown   •     Author

      All my thoughts go to spending time working on your own business.

      I had been laid off 5 times in 10 years. Every other year I was looking for a new job. Don’t get into that trap…

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