Don’t Compare Your Life To Someone Else’s Highlight Reel

As a marketer, it’s hard to give up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many other social media outlets. I made the decision to give them up years ago and to only randomly log on when I had to ( for business reasons ) or to check in on family every now and then.

Part of the reason I gave them up was because they were a serious time sink that added nothing to my business bottom end. I would find myself getting with each new shiny object as the page scrolled down and new images or stories would pop into view.

The other reason was, I realized that I started comparing my life to others. I also watched this happen to other close people around me like my children and wife.. and even my in-laws.

It’s a funny thing when people you live start mentioning things like, “so and so just got a new pool, why don’t we have a pool” or “Donald and his wife are flying to Cancun, why haven’t we taken our vacation yet”. While those are small examples, the more impactful ones come when people start comparing their lives in total to others and start to think that what they see on Instagram and Facebook is someone’s awesome life that they don’t have.

No one is going to post their worst on the Internet. You aren’t going to see it. Everyone does want to brag about when something good or awesome happens to them and that’s when you see it on social media.

Also, did you know there are people out there that specifically sit around and plan their day out with what they are going to place on Facebook and even go as far to lie and fake post about stuff they did that day?

A chronic gambler will brag and gloat to you each time he wins, but you won’t hear a peep out of them for all the times they lose.

Remember, don’t compare your life to someone else’s highlight reel. Sometimes those highlight reels are made up and fake too.

Hi! I'm Jason Brown and I’m a 36 year old digital marketing intrapreneur living in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky. I've been involved with the Internet since 1996 and have personally made millions online with my creative marketing tactics and persistence. I blog about marketing, money, and motivation. Thanks for stopping by!

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