Choose People Wisely

There is a lot to be said about who you choose to be in your life.  From a spouse, friend, or even co-worker. Everyone is nice to you when they want something. Everyone is nice to you ( most times ) when they first meet you.

Judge people based on actions, not by anything else and you will be rewarded of who you allow to be a part of your life.

Judging based on actions, by default, takes a long time. This time will allow you plenty of opportunity to correctly determine who should be in your life.

Determining the true intentions and character of a person based on their actions ( and not what you think, others think, what they say, where they live, their job, etc ) will not only set up the right expectations of this person to yourself, but give you insight to who this person really is.

Everything else is fast ( what people say, what you think/feel ), but actions take time.

By studying someones actions for a few years, I was able to determine they were a fraud in the online marketing community. The things they said *seemed* to add up, but their actions on social media and their blog ( and conversations they had with me ) just didn’t add up. This person went on to pull the wool over many other people and scammed them out of thousands of dollars each, to the total tune of almost $1M total. What’s sad is, most of these people do not even realize they have been scammed/lied to.  It’s just all a part of the “fake it till you make it” ploy that many people will present to you, but few can actually follow up on.

I wasn’t fooled and I even prevented a few other people from wasting their time and money on what they were offering. Other people didn’t study this person’s actions for a period of time like I had, they simply went by what other people told them and made them believe.

Study people’s actions first. Everything else is bullshit.

Hi! I'm Jason Brown and I’m a 36 year old digital marketing intrapreneur living in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky. I've been involved with the Internet since 1996 and have personally made millions online with my creative marketing tactics and persistence. I blog about marketing, money, and motivation. Thanks for stopping by!

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