Building A Personal Mission Statement

Building a personal mission statement helps define your purpose. It helps give you a bit of motivation and adds clarity to what you are about.

I have found that when setting goals for myself, sometimes I can lose sight of what is really important in my life.

Some of us set goals and these goals have no theme or reason for why they are really in place. Many of them resemble tasks or goals that really do not add to our bottom line.

This is where Core Values, Priorities, and a Personal Mission Statement come into play.


My Personal Mission Statement

Positively impacting others by helping solve problems with simplicity, creativity, and integrity while living life as full as possible


How I Developed My Statement

After developing my core values and priorities, I looked back in my life and looked at my past accomplishments which included

  • Being  a father
  • Becoming financially free and independent
  • Helping build several start-up companies from $0 in revenues to $30MM +
  • Developing unique and ground breaking marketing campaigns/solutions
  • Running my own business

I also looked at my core values and asked myself which of those values really impacted ( or could impact in the future, ) my family, friends, co-workers, customers, and those around me.

Simplicity and individuality came up as recurring themes in my accomplishments and also seemed to fit what would impact those around me in the future. Individuality lends itself a lot to be creative, so I changed out those 2 words. I also added integrity as it lends itself to trust and trustworthiness. This statement matches up with most of my core values perfectly and really fits what I have accomplished in the past.

I feel it also reflects on where I want my future to be focused. As my children grow older, I want them to trust that I will be there for them no matter the situation and that I can inflict positive change and solutions when they need it most. Need dad to swoop in and save the day? Need a shoulder to cry on and someone to just listen to you?

Your mission statement can be as narrow or broad as you want to fit your needs. You can also change your personal mission statement as much as you need when times change.


Adding Growth To Your Statement

Many personal mission statements do not add in any areas of improvement. If you noticed on my statement, I add in “while living life as full as possible”.

It’s a great thing to want to help others and to solve their problems. It’s a great thing to help others in a positive way, but what about yourself?

Not to be selfish, but I also want to work on improving myself while I help others. This is why I added, “while living life as full as possible”.

As someone that lives in a rural area, with young children, and had spent many years being flat broke and depressed.. I didn’t live life like I really wanted. I always felt like something was holding me back or preventing me.

Of course, a lot of this was just made up excuses in my head and my own doing.

However, that doesn’t take away that almost 40 years of my life has passed by and I feel that I haven’t done all the things I really want to do. So in order to remind myself to be good to me, I added in the bit about living life as full as possible.



Writing a personal mission statement will help you define your goals and help lead your future in the direction that best fits your core values.

Take the time to write down what your past accomplishments have been, where you want to be 5 years from now and what you want to be doing in the future, and what your core values are and see if you can tie in common themes or ideas from each.

Once you have some common themes, you can start writing out your personal mission statement for 2015.

I know when I feel depressed, unmotivated, or simply wanting to give up.. I can take a look at my mission statement and get a bit of encouragement and motivation for who I am and why I am doing it. It also serves to help me make decisions about what activities, business opportunities, and future growth I need to focus on.


Hi! I'm Jason Brown and I’m a 36 year old digital marketing intrapreneur living in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky. I've been involved with the Internet since 1996 and have personally made millions online with my creative marketing tactics and persistence. I blog about marketing, money, and motivation. Thanks for stopping by!

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