A Few More Reasons Why Working A Job Is A Losers Game

Some of you have commented that using the word “Loser” is a bit harsh in my titles.

However, sometimes it takes a radical and extreme approach to reach people and wake them up.

With this post, I am building on my topic on not being loyal to a job.

I was reading a book about improving critical thinking skills when it comes to problem solving and the book when into bias and how we all have them and that it’s natural for our brains to make shortcuts and decisions based on them.

They actually proved with scientific data and examples these biases with many studies that focused on employment and job hiring. They showed how recruiters and managers consistently rejected certain kinds of employees and potential employment candidates based on several biases and prejudices.

The setup was to take one man and dress him up as a young Wall Street type professional applying for a job in management. Then, the same man would come in later in the day, dressed the same, but in makeup as a much older man with the same experience, education, and background ( although name and position of prior jobs changed ). It was the same person, same experience, same education, same everything… except the makeup/age.

In every single job interview, the “younger” version got the job. The older version didn’t get anything.

Later the researchers came clean with each recruiter and asked them why this was; why they picked the younger person. None of the recruiters would admit age was the reason and they all  actually denied age was a factor at all. However, if its the same exact person and background and only the age/makeup was different.. this has to be the reason.

The reason I am telling you is this:

  • The next time you want a new career, a pay raise ( by job jumping ), or move to a new city and have to take a job…  how do you know you aren’t getting overlooked due to someone else’s perceived thought of you that is totally unjustified? Why should someone determine your future and income based on some false idea/look of you?
  • As you get older, the chance of taking on a new career seems pretty bleak from this info.
  • Even if you don’t take on a new career and you stay at your current job for the next 40 years, you could still be impacted by this. What if you stay at your job, but your boss or HR rep leaves and they hire in someone else that does have a bias? How does your annual raise or benefits look now in the next few years after this happens?
  • Because people have bias and people work in jobs, you are always getting a bad deal if someone else is above you or has power over you ( like your income potential ) and can judge you on appearance and not work output/value.
  • Prejudice is real and alive everywhere. You are not going to change it. You will only be a victim of it ( if you allow it ).

When you own your own business and control your income, the marketplace is now who judges you.

Sure they can still judge you on image and appearance. For example, I might not take my new car to a dirty, old, run down car wash in a bad part of town to wash it myself. That’s me having a bias.

However, there are plenty of people that do use that car wash every single day. They don’t give two shits how it looks, where it is located, if it is new, or if it doesn’t have free vacuums. People are giving the business money every day and the business owner is making money left and right.

The point?

In a job setting, you are normally 2-3 paychecks away from broke. That’s a real stat.

Also in a job setting, there is normally 1-3 people who can determine when you get hired, fired, and what raise you get. If any of those gatekeepers have a bias, you’re screwed and you will not get hired, or lose your job, or get less of a raise which all impact your personal bottom line. After that, you are 1-2 months from being broke unless you have a lot of cash saved up ( and most people don’t ).

As a business owner, the marketplace is who determines if you are hired, fired, or gets a raise. Everyone is a gatekeeper now. Many of them will have a bias and not do business with you, but many will do business with you ( see my car wash example above ) and make you very rich if your product/value is awesome.

I’d much rather have tons of gatekeepers as a business owner than 1-3 as an employee.

Hi! I'm Jason Brown and I’m a 36 year old digital marketing intrapreneur living in beautiful Louisville, Kentucky. I've been involved with the Internet since 1996 and have personally made millions online with my creative marketing tactics and persistence. I blog about marketing, money, and motivation. Thanks for stopping by!

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